Discover the Timeless Charm of Menges & Curtis

A visit to Menges & Curtis Apothecary is a delight for casual shoppers, tourists, and prescription compound patients alike.

Once known as Wolcott and Mingay, our pharmacy has proudly served the Saratoga Springs community since 1860.  In 1871, Mr. Mingay decided to move his pharmacy from its former location on lower Broadway to its current location in the now historic Ainsworth Building at the center of town.

Visitors will be charmed by an array of old photographs of the original site and its staff, antique pharmacy cabinetry and glassware, as well as antiquated tools of the trade on display. In some ways, the apothecary is a time capsule. Indeed, it still largely looks and feels as though one has stepped into a Victorian-era Chemist’s Shoppe. And though the soda fountain no longer serves up ice cream and other treats, the apothecary still feels like a gathering place.

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Compounding Services

The owners and staff at Menges & Curtis are proud to continue the timeless tradition of a family-owned pharmacy – one where our pharmacists can get to know you, spend the time necessary to educate and answer your questions, and work closely with your Doctor, Veterinarian or healthcare provider to customize medicines which cater to your unique needs. We offer many compounding services including veterinary, bioidentical hormone replacement, non-opioid pain management, and countless other options.

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Our pharmacy specializes in offering a carefully curated selection of professional-grade and evidence-based nutritional supplements. We also focus on the importance of transparent sourcing, purity, and independent testing when selecting the brands that we recommend to our clients. Using an individualized and holistic approach to your health, our pharmacists are available to openly answer your questions and guide you in taking an active role toward achieving better health.

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Gifts & Body Care Products

No old-fashioned pharmacy would be complete without an extensive array of hard-to-find gifts and body care products. Our selection includes locally-sourced goods and vendors, as well as soaps, lotions, perfumes, colognes and shaving needs from some of the oldest and classical manufacturers from the US, England, France and around the globe.

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Our Location

Located on the corner of Broadway and Lake Ave in the historic Ainsworth Building at the center of downtown Saratoga.

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